CITAGUS FRAMEWORK Citagus People & Execution Framework

Citagus Framework

At Citagus, we have a set of values by which we live, the first and foremost of which is ‘Clients for life’. We understand fully that without our customers, we would be non - existent. This is why we make every possible effort to exceed your expectations consistently and ensure you are 100%+ satisfied with our work. The remaining set of core values by which all our employees live on a daily basis exists to support this primary value of ‘Clients for Life’.

People and Culture

Our people are the primary assets that we have, naturally a lot of our thought goes into ensuring that the right people are recruited, hired and retained, Our culture is one that parallels the early PeopleSoft culture – we are employee and customer centric, facilitating an atmosphere of trust and professionalism conducive to successful relationships between employees, management and customers. The management team always has an open door to employees and the rapport we’ve created across our team is one of respect and collaboration. Our practice of placing more junior resources with more senior ones facilitates a spirit of teamwork and the knowledge that each individual can move up the value chain to his/her highest level of competency. In addition to offering unending paths to continuous improvement in terms of core competencies, we also offer frequent social gatherings and athletic events to foster team-building and creative stimulus. In summary, our culture is one of hard work and hard play as a team always striving for more.

Since Citagus as an organization focuses on a lot of competencies, we have come up with a unique system to ensure the skill level in various competency areas are maintained at the highest possible level. Each competency is managed by a senior consultant and is held responsible for constantly training and mentoring all the junior consultants who make up the competency group. Our competency management structure also helps us in developing the secondary level of leadership within our organization. We work hard towards giving our high achievers exciting projects, and sometimes multiple projects, so that they are motivated to continually grow with Citagus

Customer Engagement

When we begin an engagement with a new customer, we work closely with the customer team to understand the culture so that we can talk through any potential roadblocks to success early on. We share openly with the new customer our values, processes and styles of doing business to insure that our way of thinking is acceptable to their way. We consider ourselves to be extremely adept at adapting to any environment or culture and will work with you to insure that if we identify any disconnects, we will be the ones to modify our way of doing things so that it best fits yours. The primary means by which facilitated culture blending occurs is via early Planning and Communication sessions which are always a part of our project schedule. Our validated start-up or “on boarding” process plays a key role in insuring early on that we provide the necessary tools and information for a sound foundation and future road to joint successes.

Companies always encounter different business cultures when entering into Strategic Relationships with external partners. After all, companies have different strategies, organizational structures, risk positions, capabilities, norms, and more. Dealing with differences in business culture requires attention from throughout the course of our relationship with a customer. The objective is not to erase differences in business culture – a near impossibility in any case - but to effectively manage those differences jointly so that they don’t interfere with the business objectives of both parties. We undertake a set of activities to enable customers and providers to systematically plan how they will work together effectively and make governance operational. Our customer alignment is always based around joint objectives and developing a set of working-together protocols to march towards a healthy and successful outcome.

Delivery Models

Citagus evaluates a client needs carefully before determining that a particular delivery model will work the best. We generally start by trying to understand the goal of each customer engagement and then come up with the right model to help achieve that goal. The goal of our customers ranges from reducing cost, leveraging economies of scale, process improvement, focusing on core capabilities, moving fixed costs to variable, accessing new skills, innovation and quality improvement. We continually evaluate to ensure that the model we have proposed is the best model for that customer. Where adjustments are needed, we make them.

Citagus will provide all its services through either business outcome model or through the traditional models (such as Ad-hoc Staff Augmentation, Strategic Out-Tasking, Project Based Outsourcing, Managed Services), as per our customer preference and needs. Our delivery team will be guided through a combination of project methodologies, stringent deliverables, quality processes, a well defined communication plan for complete visibility as well as change control mechanism, configuration management and escalation path for handling any contingency.